Kaftans and tops of women.

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Seasons greetings!

Many people are interested in the plus size / one size kaftans I list here. They like the pictures and want to buy them.

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Literally HUNDREDS of kaftans at affordable price.

caftans for sale

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Superb Blue Paisley Kaftan tunic top for Spring / Summer

I’m really happy to introduce this exquisite short kaftan top. Very affordable with free shipping worldwide. Available in different colors and patterns. Kaftansale.com

Superb Blue Paisley short kaftan

Superb Blue Paisley short kaftan

Order now for your enjoyment!.


Short kaftans for Spring / Summer

Yeah it has been a year since I blogged anything, but that doesn’t mean the store at kaftansale.com is down and out. No sir, it just gets better. Got new stuff available which is the core of the business – kaftans.

So I think the next fashion hit this coming Spring / Summer would be short kaftans. Yep, they can be mixed and matched with jeans, skirts or even tights. Get the groove going with our paisley and floral collection at your fingertips. Still having the free shipping worldwide (USA, Europe, Australia) perk for all items with no minimum at all. Cause I know you love them. The price seems right too.

Short kaftans for spring / summer

So get your short kaftans early! At kaftansale.com




10  Top Tips for Summer

With spring starting to inch in, we all wanna get ready for summer! Here’s a great summer tips video (if you haven’t seen it before) to get some ideas on how to live fully this summer without the mess! Enjoy!

Tie Dye Maxi Dresses – Sundress for summer $23 with FREE shipping. SORRY FOLKS – SOLD OUT!…

Happy shopping for summer 2015 at kaftansale.com. This time, its tie dye stuff for that summer hippie look and feel. Only $23 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE here.

Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015 red Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015 pink Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015blue Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015green Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015

yellow Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015

orange Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015

Tie Dye Maxi Dresses - Sundress for summer 2015

Remember, only $23 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE here.


Kaftansale.com, the best place to buy tie dye maxi dress sundress on sale online .


10 reasons why you need to wear kaftans this summer

10 reasons why you need to wear kaftans this summer

1. Easy to wear, just slip the kaftan over your head and let it fall.

2. Kaftans make you look old-school and grand with the flowing effect.

3. It’s hot in summer and if you only have a kaftan on, nobody will know you’re naked underneath.

4. You get to wear a lot more fabric with crazy patterns and colors than some shorts and t-shirt.

5. Be famous in your hood by wearing a party kaftan outdoors and flapping it around like a butterfly.

6. At the beach or around the pool, a kaftan is the best coverup.

7. Enjoy real bingo moments with a group of kaftan clad women.

8. Pair short kaftans with a large red hat and head for a picnic at the park and enjoy the perfect sunset.

9. Pay minimal cash for a heap load of wearable fabric.

10. Convenient for any occasion.

Get your kaftans with FREE SHIPPING at kaftansale.com


Plus size women’s kaftan tops

Got tired with the usual deal of plus size women’s kaftan tops online? You’re in luck coz at kaftansale dot com, we have a huge collection of women’s kaftan tops for your enjoyment. Everything large about these kaftan tops, specifically designed for plus size ladies. At below market price with free shipping WORLDWIDE, so get ready for a browsing marathon. They’re made of cool rayon mix which is so suitable during summer times and even in winters if you’re indoors (with heater system intact, of course). Try something new today. Try on these plus size women’s kaftan tops for a change.

women's kaftan tops

A green plus size women’s kaftan top with fringes

Would you rather wear the same kind of clothing everyday with limited designs and patterns as well as colors? Click here now to view the best collection of women’s plus size kaftan tops online.


Exotic women’s kaftan tops

How about some exotic women’s kaftan tops for a change? I’m not sure how exotic  your tastes are, but these women’s kaftan tops are adequate to quench the exoticisms of a Tarantino fan lol. Okay so these exotics have free sizes to suit the most plus size women, and with cool designs from the deep seas to the elephants in Thailand, you can’t get a better collection than these beauts. With that free shipping worldwide offer, it’s the perfect thanksgiving gift you can afford, or you can give this to your in laws as a token of sincere appreciation or whatever that means. Paired these women’s kaftan tops with a pair of denim shorts, you’ll be noticed from a mile away.

exotic women's kaftan tops

Exotic women’s kaftan tops

With 200+ pieces of exotic women’s kaftan tops in the catalog collection online here, you can be sure there are some for your tastes and needs. Most women’s and ladies really dig into these kaftan tops, so men, if you wan’t to get the hearts of your loved ones, here’s your chance.



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